People for Tax Freedom

Abolish Personal and Corporate income taxes and replace them with a 2% transaction fee on the value of all stock transfers

The American Tax System Is Broken
The federal government currently funds itself by taxing individual and corporate income. It is a highly complex, inefficient and irrational system that largely hurts ordinary working people, undermines the economy, and unfairly benefits large corporations and the super-wealthy.

This Problem Can Be Fixed
People for Tax Freedom proposes a revolutionary approach: Instead of taxing people, we should be taxing transactions — specifically, stock transactions. The entire Internal Revenue Code could be replaced by a 2% transaction fee levied on the value of each stock transaction. This small fee would raise the same revenue as the current tax system…and would eliminate all income taxes!

Our Goal: Liberty!

  • No more personal and corporate income taxes.
  • No more unfair loopholes.
  • Instead: sanity and tax freedom!

Our FAQ page explains our philosophy and ideas, please take time to read it to understand our organization. Thank you!

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